<b>About us</b><br />The age of multimedia is here. Wherever we turn, monitors and display screens are around us, vibrant and engaging. Communications are now competing not only with message, but also with platform. ad notam® has taken up this challenge to develop new sophisticated communication channels, a challenge which gave birth to MIRROR IMAGE®.<br /><br />MIRROR IMAGE® combines conventional mirror surfaces with a sophisticated monitor system, resulting in a fascinating and mesmerizing display for countless applications. A new LCD Active Matrix is elegantly mounted behind a mirror surface to dramatically display anything from TV and Satellite channels to PC presentations and video games.<br /><br />Whether entertaining, informative, or advertorial, MIRROR IMAGE® presents your communications on an engaging and cutting-edge platform. Use it to promote customer dialogue, to entertain your guests, or simply to sit back and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere MIRROR IMAGE® creates.<br /><br />ad notam® designed MIRROR IMAGE® with your needs in mind. The MIRROR IMAGE® system is extremely adaptable to any and all applications and any and all design objectives. MIRROR IMAGE® elegantly blends into your décor with no visible cables or intrusive TV Boxes. And best of all, when combined with MAGIC MIRROR®, MIRROR IMAGE® completely disappears when turned off.<br /><br />MIRROR IMAGE® also allows for extraordinary self-expression: sand-blast your identity on the mirror, print your message on the colored glass, or even cut the mirror to fit your design specifications. When customization is finalized, MIRROR IMAGE® can be recessed into the wall, hanged as a picture, free standing, or even integrated into the furniture. The only limit is your imagination.
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