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ACE Coating India Pvt. Ltd.
Pune,  Maharashtra  India
Phone Number: +91-20-25665771 / 64103218
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Dust Collectors - Conveyors, Other - Painting Services - Kilns - Fume Extraction Systems - Powder Coating Services - Leak Testing Machines
Product or Service Type: Dust Collectors
  Model Description
  Dust Collection Systems   Used for collecting dust above 5 µ.
Product or Service Type: Conveyors, Other
  Model Description
  Material Handling System   Used supeiror quality material
Product or Service Type: Painting Services
  Model Description
  Fresh Air Systems   These systems can be of Wet type or Dry type
  Liquid Painting & Coating Sys.   Material used paint,lacquer,oil,varnish,wax
  Paint Kitchen Equipments   System consist of Enclosure
  Paint Mixing Machines   Provide best service
  Pre-Treatment Process   Dip type Pretreatment & Spray type Pretreatment
Product or Service Type: Kilns
  Model Description
  Baking Oven   Used for water drying or paint baking
Product or Service Type: Fume Extraction Systems
  Model Description
  Fume Extraction Systems   Used to extract the toxic / acidic fumes consists
Product or Service Type: Powder Coating Services
  Model Description
  Powder Coating System   Its improve product quality
Product or Service Type: Leak Testing Machines
  Model Description
  Shower Testing System   Used for leakage testing of vehicles