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Niksu Power Tools
Thane,  Maharashtra  India
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Boiler Tubes - Hydraulic Power Pumps - Reamers - Grooving Tools - Sheeting - Motor Drives/Winders - Soil Testing Kits - Power Controllers - Tube Expanders - Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
Product or Service Type: Boiler Tubes
  Model Description
  Boiler Tube   Boiler Tube Expanding Accessories
Product or Service Type: Hydraulic Power Pumps
  Model Description
  Hydraulic Pump   Hydraulic Power Pumps
Product or Service Type: Reamers
  Model Description
  Reamer   Tube Sheet Hole Reamer (3/8"- 4" O.D.)
Product or Service Type: Grooving Tools
  Model Description
  Grooving Tool    Serrating/ Grooving Tool-''''NW'''' Series
Product or Service Type: Sheeting
  Model Description
  ST Series   ST Series - For Grooving In Tube Sheet
Product or Service Type: Motor Drives/Winders
  Model Description
  Gear Drives   Parallel Gear Train Drive & Right Angle Worm Gear
Product or Service Type: Soil Testing Kits
  Model Description
  Testing Kits   Tube Leak Ditector Kit & Joint Testing Kit
Product or Service Type: Power Controllers
  Model Description
  Torque Controller   Torque Controller Tube Expansion System
Product or Service Type: Tube Expanders
  Model Description
  Tube Expanders   Tube Expanding And Beading in Single Operation
Product or Service Type: Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
  Model Description
  Air Hydraulic Stub Puller   Air / Hydraulic Pump - Model No. ASP-1008