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The WAND Services Taxonomy covers products and services related to the service sector fields. It includes terminology to describe activities in business, entertainment, manufacturing, transportation, medical, educational, professional, retail, sports, information, government and agriculture as well as many other services.

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Acoustical Engineers
Agricultural Engineers
Automotive Engineers
Aviation Engineers
Ceramic Engineers
Chemical Engineers
Civil Engineers
Communication Engineers
Corrosion Engineers
Cost Engineers
Drainage Engineers
Drilling Engineers
Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Environmental Engineers
Forensic Engineers
Forestry Engineers
General Contracting Engineers
Hazardous Waste Engineers
HVAC Engineers
Hydraulic Engineers
Hydro-Electric Engineers
Industrial Engineers
Instrumentation Engineers
Irrigation Engineers
Management Engineers
Manufacturing Engineering Services
Marine Engineers
Materials Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Mining and Geological Engineers
Nuclear Engineers
Optical Engineers
Ordnance Engineers
Photogrammetric Engineers
Pipe Line Engineers
Plumbing Engineers
Pollution Control Engineers
Power Engineers
Refrigeration Engineers
Safety Engineering Services
Sanitary Engineers
Soil Engineering Services
Structural Engineers
Surveying Engineering Services
Testing Engineers
Transportation Engineers