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The WAND Services Taxonomy covers products and services related to the service sector fields. It includes terminology to describe activities in business, entertainment, manufacturing, transportation, medical, educational, professional, retail, sports, information, government and agriculture as well as many other services.

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Animal Acupuncture Services
Animal Cardiology Services
Animal Dermatology Services
Animal De-worming Services
Animal Heartworm Prevention Services
Animal Hospitals
Animal Infectious Disease Care
Animal Internal Medicine Services
Animal Neurology Services
Animal Oncology Services
Animal Ophthalmologist Services
Animal Quarantine Services
Animal Radiology Services
Animal Spay and Neutering Services
Animal Surgical Services
Animal Therapy Services
Animal Vaccination Services
Emergency Animal Care Services
Flea Prevention Services
Pet Electronic Identification Services
Pet Health Plans
More specific terms related to Veterinary Alternative Medicine Veterinary Alternative Medicine
Veterinary Blood Banks
Veterinary Dental Services
Veterinary Diagnostics Services
Veterinary Health Examination Services
Veterinary Laboratories
Veterinary Pharmaceutical Services
Veterinary Schools