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The WAND Services Taxonomy covers products and services related to the service sector fields. It includes terminology to describe activities in business, entertainment, manufacturing, transportation, medical, educational, professional, retail, sports, information, government and agriculture as well as many other services.

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Archery Instruction
Baseball Instruction
Basketball Instruction
Baton Twirling Instruction
Boating Instruction
Bowling Instruction
Boxing Instruction
Cake Decorating Instruction
Cheerleading Instruction
Climbing Instruction
Doll Making
Fencing Instruction
Fire Arms Instruction
Flying Instruction
Golf Instruction
Gymnastics Instruction
Hockey Instruction
Hunters' Safety Classes
Knitting Instruction
More specific terms related to Martial Arts Instruction Martial Arts Instruction
Massage Instruction
Motorcycle Training Services
Outdoor Survival Training
Parachuting Instruction
More specific terms related to Photography Instruction Photography Instruction
Piano Instruction
Riding Instruction Schools
Sailing Instruction
Scuba Diving Instruction
Skating Instruction
Ski Instruction
Snowboarding Instruction
Surfing Instruction Services
Swimming Instruction
Tennis Instruction
Water Skiing Instruction
Wrestling Instruction
More specific terms related to Yoga Services Yoga Services