About us
Company Profile Nirlep was established in 1968 by a visionary businessman Mr. Nilkanth Bhogale who used to have interest in trading laboratory and X-ray related equipments.

This was the period when stainless steel was not freely available in India; it was only available on quota basis. As such there was a great deal of undersupply of laboratory related equipment in the Indian market.

Mr. Bhogale who realized then, the necessity for an alternative to stainless steel equipments. & manufactured the utensils coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). He thus pioneered the concept of nonstick cookware in India.

The first Nirlep product was launched in Mumbai. It was a fry pan with code name F.P. 24. It was received with suspicion. It was not surprising because Indian housewife had never seen anything similar to it before.

In the initial stages Nirlep had just one distributor in Mumbai. But today the Company is having a wide distribution network of about 85 distributors across the country coupled with a strong & dedicated field force to ensure sales and services at around 9000 retail outlets.

Today, Company is a pioneer and leader with a market share of 35 % in the non-stick cookware segment in the country. The Company exports its products to countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Maldives & Sri Lanka. The Company is accredited with the Quality Certification '' ISO 9001:2000 of AS/NZS.
The Company is having dedicated employee strength of about 225.

The Company is having six manufacturing plants out of which three are devoted to the cookware business; namely Nirlep Appliances Ltd., Amulet Industries Pvt. Ltd., & Bhogale Coatings Pvt. Ltd. The company has also undertaken several turnkey projects for setting up manufacturing plants for the non-stick cookware in Middle East & Africa. The other three plants are located in Waluj Industrial Area, Aurangabad namely Marathwada Auto Compo Pvt. Ltd., Umasons Auto Compo Pvt. Ltd., and Umasons Steelfab Pvt. Ltd.

One & half year back the Company entered into a strategic technology tie-up with Smaltiriva, an Italian company which is a world leader in industrial bake ware coatings.

The industrial bake ware coating system (called the SBS coating) denotes the most advanced non-stick coating systems used by the most important food and bakery industries in the world. The SBS coating systems can be applied only by the most experienced licensed applicators and Nirlep is proud to be one among them.

The company's fully integrated manufacturing setup for non-stick cookware manufactures high quality kitchenware such a non-stick fry pans, Tawas, Kadhais, Appam Chatty, Appa Patra, Sandwich makers, Pots and more.

The Company strongly believes in three basic tenets '' Integrity in business, Quality and Fair Price.

The company is having the current capacity of manufacturing of 1.2 Millions kitchenware pans every year and now poised to have ambitious growth plan of achieving the target of 1.8Millions Kitchenware pans. The Management is taking conscious efforts to invest heavily not only in technological advancement but in its human capital as well. A Dedicated & focused efforts of all the employees will make this successful.