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The WAND Automotive Taxonomy covers products and services related to the fields of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts for the automotive industry. It concentrates on performance parts but also includes some of the major accessories. The package is oriented to passenger vehicles: automobiles, motorcycles, sports vehicles, light trucks, etc. It does not attempt to include special vehicles such as fork lift trucks, tractors, emergency vehicles, military vehicles, etc. Automotive services including inspection, repair and maintenance are also covered here.

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Anchor Windlasses
Antichafe Gear
Boat Covers
Boat Fenders
Boat Lighting
Boat Trailer Rollers
Bow Stops
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More specific terms related to Deck Hardware (Marine) Deck Hardware (Marine)
Ignition Wiring Sets
Marine Air Conditioners
Marine Anchors
Marine Audio Equipment
More specific terms related to Marine Engines Marine Engines
More specific terms related to Marine Furniture Marine Furniture
Marine Hatches
Marine Horns
Marine Propellers
Marine Propulsion Controls
Marine Upholstery
Marine Winches
Marine Windows
Midget Vents
Propeller Blades
Sanitary Waste Holding Tanks
Ship Masts and Spars
Ship Screws
Ullage Equipment (Marine)
Vessel Steering Equipment
Watertight Doors
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