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The WAND Science and Technology Taxonomy covers products and services related to the scientific and technical fields. These include test and measurement instruments, equipment and supplies for laboratory, optical, materials testing, meteorological, surveying and other technical uses. Testing, drafting and engineering services are among the services that are included.

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More specific terms related to Barometers Barometers
Evaporation Meters
More specific terms related to Humidity Measuring Instruments Humidity Measuring Instruments
Lightning Counters
Meteorological Balloons
Meteorological Ceiling Projectors
Meteorological Charts
Meteorological Satellites
Meteorological Sounding Apparatus
Meteorological Warning Systems
Rain Gauges
Snow Gauges
Sunshine Recorders
Surface Observing Systems
Thermometer Anemometers
Visibility Meters
Weather Radar
More specific terms related to Weather Stations Weather Stations
Wind Direction Indicators
Wind Gauges
Wind Profiler Radars